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             GGC Constitution and By-Laws

Grizzly Gridiron Club

Constitution and By-Laws



The name of this club shall be the Grizzly Gridiron Club (GGC).



The purpose of this club is to recognize and pay tribute to the Goffstown High School Football Teams at the discretion of the board membership, and to buy, contribute toward the purchase of, or otherwise acquire real and personal property necessary and/or convenient for any of the above purposes.




A.  Membership shall be open to all persons interested in the support and advancement of Goffstown high school football, regardless of age, race, sex, creed or country of origin.

B.   Membership in this club shall be for one (1) year covering the period March 1 through the end of February.

C.   Parents/guardians of all players are automatically members of the GGC and as such have the responsibility to provide active service and support of the club activities.  All members are invited and always welcomed at all regular meetings and activities.



Section 2.

A.  There are no membership dues required.




A.  The officers comprising the board of directors shall be the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, four high school class parent representatives, and Goffstown High School Advisor.  Corporate Sponsors at the “Platinum Level” may be invited to serve on the board of directors as determined by a majority vote of the board.


Additional committee head positions include Fundraising Coordinator, Public Relations Coordinator, Game Book Coordinator, Game Day Field Coordinator, and Concessions Coordinator.



       Vacancies in office shall be filled at the next regular  

        meeting by majority vote.



Officers shall be elected at the February business meeting        by a majority vote of the members present and will serve for a period of one (1) year.  A public notice of elections is to be posted in local newspaper in January, at a minimum of 14 days prior to the election.  Newly elected officers shall assume their positions in office at the March business meeting following the presentation of the annual business report by the outgoing officers.



        Duties of members will be:


President:  The President shall assume the duties of the club and shall perform all duties incidental to the office and such other duties nor inconsistent with the constitution and bylaws as may from time to time be required by the club, decide all questions and or disputes that may arise between members subject to the right to appeal and appoint all committees not otherwise provided for.  The President shall be empowered to cast only tie-breaking votes and will be exempt from all general membership voting.


Vice President:  The Vice President shall assume the duties of president  if absent and shall assist the president in discharge of his/her duties at all time.


Secretary:  The secretary shall keep full and accurate accounts of the records and minutes of each meeting, record the names and residence of all members, handle all correspondence of the club and perform such other duties as may be required.


Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall receive and be responsible for all monies of the club, deposit all funds in a duly organized baking institution operating under the Federal Reserve System. pay all orders that may be approved by prior action of the board.  In addition, the treasurer shall file appropriate forms with federal and state agencies.


Advisor:  The advisor shall consist of the head coach appointed by the Goffstown High School Administration.  The advisor shall over see all activities held by the club.  The advisor will be exempt from all general membership voting.


Fundraising Coordinator:  The fundraising coordinator shall form and coordinate fundraising activities on an annual basis, shall develop a fundraising plan and submit to the board.  The fundraising coordinator shall be responsible to do any promotional communication in conjunction with the public relations coordinator, after review by the board.


Public Relations Coordinator:  The public relations coordinator is responsible to do promotional communications, in conjunction with the fundraising coordinator, after review by the board.  The public relations coordinator will also work in direct relation with the four class representatives to get communications out to the classes they represent.


Class Representatives:  There shall be an adult class representative for each high school class. (IE Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman Class)  Each adult class representative shall be responsible for inspiring good relations within the parents of class he or she represents.  The class representatives will work in direct relation with the public relations coordinator and the board of directors for a unified club.


Game Book Coordinator:  The game book coordinator is responsible for heading the sales drive for game book ads and corporate sponsorships.  The dame book coordinator is responsible for coordinating sponsor ads, banners and team/player photos with the game book printer.  This person works closes with the executive board and public relations coordinator and treasurer.


Game Day Field Coordinator:  The game day field coordinator is responsible for the recruitment and coordination of volunteer staff necessary to supply, set-up, staff, breakdown, and put away all game day field equipment and related supplies for home varsity football games.  Duties include the recruitment and coordination of volunteer staff for field crews for placing yard line markers and goal post pads; operating chains, down markers, public address system, game announcer, film crew national anthem, us flag and sideline lift coordination, etc.


Concessions Coordinator:  The concessions coordinator is responsible for the recruitment and coordination of volunteer staff necessary to supply, set-up, staff, breakdown, clean-up and store of all game day concessions and related supplies for home varsity football games.

Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer coordinator is responsible for heading the game day volunteers.  To find coverage for Chain gang, Concessions, Admissions Gate, Field set up/Clean up.  This person works closely with the executive board.

Equipment Coordinator: The Equipment coordinator is responsible for inventory of all football equipment before the season and after the season.  Working closely with the Athletic Director to be sure the program has adequate equipment for all the players to play. 




Article 5 Responsibilities of board of directors



        The officers, by a majority vote, shall be responsible for

        Approving all commitments of expenditures of money,

        prior to such expenditures.  Motions conducted via a     

        e-mail shall be limited to financial burdens of less than

        $1500.00 (fifteen hundred dollars).  An e-mail motion must be

        carried by a majority of the voting members of the Board.    

        The Secretary must document all e-mail motions in the

        following month’s minutes.      


Section 2. 

It shall be the duty of all retiring officers to relinquish all

       receipts, books, papers  and properties acquired in their

       office or entrusted to them.


Section 3.

       All accounts, records and books may be inspected upon  

       request of the membership and the officers immediately 

       following the monthly meeting.  Officers shall be  

       responsible for ensuring that all of the accounts, records

       and books of the club are reviewed for accuracy and

       completeness at least once each year, by the advisor

       and/or athletic director.  All actions must adhere to policies

       of Goffstown High School (GHS), NHIAA, NFHS.




Section 4.

        In the event the Grizzly Gridiron Club should dissolve,

        any existing monies shall be deposited into a scholarship

        account.  Provisions shall be made to appoint a trustee at

        that time.


Article 6 Amendments


Section 1.

        Amendments to the club’s constitution and by laws shall

        be submitted in writing one (1) month prior to the

        by-laws meeting.


Article 7 business procedure at meetings


1.   Call to order

2.   roll call   

3.   review and acceptance of minutes

4.   correspondence

5.   treasurer’s report

6.   committee reports

7.   unfinished business

8.   new business

9.   adjourn



Revised 5/19/11, Aprroved by majority vote 6-14-11


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